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Draks offers a complete turnkey experience from initial enquiry to final installation using a highly experienced in-house CAD. Draks does not use commission-based sales people(s); , only in-house trained and friendly staff There are no standard sizes; all wardrobes, cabinets, and room dividers are made to measure

Where can I see Draks products?

Draks factory is located at Upper Heyford, near Bicester. This is an industrial park and unfortunately we do not offer showroom facilities We work with a number of the most prestigious housebuilders in the UK and our products are available in a number of showhouses in a range of locations . Please contact us for further details.

Where are your fitted wardrobes manufactured?

Your order will be made in our own factory near Bicester in North Oxfordshire, UK. All of the materials that make up your wardrobe are cut to precisely your opening requirements. Every job leaving the factory is thoroughly quality checked.

When will my order be delivered / installed?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation with an estimated delivery date. 10-14 days prior to your installation date, we will contact you to make arrangements for installation.

What will I need to do in preparation for the delivery?

Your wardrobe will be made up of several different items. It will not be flat packed. Our delivery team will carefully place each item into each room. We would request that the area where your wardrobe is to be built is cleared so the installers have a clear and unhindered area in which to work.

If you have carpet already fitted, then generally we can install on top of the carpet. However, if you would prefer for the wardrobe to not sit on carpet then we would expect that the carpet be rolled back.

What is the process?

The first stage of the process is to make an enquiry either by telephone/ through the website or via email outlining the requirements for your wardrobes or room dividers. We will then offer an indicative guide price based on your preferred product requirements. After this we will then send out a CAD designer or a surveyor, depending on your requirements. If you require advice on finishes, interior layouts and colours we will send out a designer who will also carry out a technical survey. If you have chosen your design, we will send out a surveyor to check your property and ensure that the most accurate measurements are taken. We always use laser measures to provide the most accurate information

We will then produce a CAD drawing which we send to you for your approval and a final quote for the job which will detail estimated delivery times and payment details .

System Duo Walk-In Wardrobes

The System Duo walk-in wardrobe system allows you to create a furniture layout to suit a wide variety of different applications, that will fit with either traditional or contemporary interiors.

Its modular structure allows you to use the entire room height with a complete range of suspended shelves, drawers, clothing rails and accessories.

The System Duo shelving system offers an adaptable storage solution for a wide range of uses throughout your home. The system works using aluminium vertical posts that may be mounted from floor to ceiling, or against a back wall. Its versatility makes it possible to create walk-in wardrobes, bookshelves, workstations or kitchen shelving.


Should I decorate before my wardrobe is installing?

Well that depends. Generally, we would suggest that we install the wardrobes first but if you are decorating the room then it can be that you simply paint the walls where the wardrobe is located.

We would recommend that this is discussed at the time of the site survey

I have not received my quotation?

We do not provide a final quotation at the time of the design visit. The designer will provide our Sales Administration team with all the details of your project and you will receive your quotation and drawing. We do not produce hand drawings whilst on a design visit.

How much does a wardrobe, or other storage solution, cost?

Every Draks bedroom wardrobe, room divider, home office, or bathroom cabinet is made to measure, and we cannot give prices on our website. Prices for a fitted wardrobe start at around £1500 and will vary according to the nature of the wardrobe interior as well as the range of doors chosen.

How long does the fitting take?

Most standard bedroom installation is completed within one day. If you are having more than one room done, then it may run into further days. We will advise on this at the time of survey

How do I confirm or cancel / rearrange my design/ installation visit?

To cancel, amend or confirm your design visit please email [email protected]

Do you offer doors only?

If you require sliding doors, then we do supply doors only with tracks and linings. If you require hinged doors but without and interior fit out, then we can supply this on our custom-designed frame system.

Do I need to remove my skirting board?

No, our installers will do this

Do I need to remove any plug sockets?

At survey we will point out whether any sockets which interfere with the wardrobe need to be moved. We would request that you arrange for your own electrician to move the sockets.

Can I fit my own wardrobe?

Yes, we do offer a supply only service.

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