Triple sliding door track for wardrobe
Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Our Sliding Wardrobe Door System

Draks uses a bottom-weighted sliding wardrobe door track system, which rebates a spring-loaded wheel to the underside of the door, offering great practical advantages.

It means the wider the wardrobe door, the greater the stability (the converse of most top weighted systems). The top track acts as a guide only, thus allowing installation in places with problematic ceiling construction. The bottom track may be surface mounted and, being only 6mm does not cause obstruction to your bedroom design.

It may also be recessed into carpet, laminate, hardwood floors or even marble and tiling. The top and bottom sliding wardrobe door tracks are either single, double or triple.

Track details Depth Width
Top track single 40mm 40mm
Top track double 40mm 80mm
Top track triple 40mm 120mm
Bottom track single 6mm 24mm
Bottom track double 6mm 65mm
Bottom track triple 6mm 102mm
Frame Max. door width Min. door width Max. door height
Canto screens 1200mm 500mm 2600mm
Aluminium 1200mm 500mm 2600mm
Single sliding door wardrobe tracks
Single, double, and triple sliding wardrobe door tracks

Key features

  • Bottom Weighted sliding wardrobe doors
  • Single, double or triple tracks available
  • Same door runners used on all Draks sliding wardrobes
  • Runners can be recessed

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