Guide to choosing the right room divider for interior architects

Here we highlight some of the advantages to choosing the right room divider to reorganise your space and why Draks’ collection is perfect for prospective interior architects. Due to the pandemic, the world of work has changed and having a comfortable space for living and work has never been more important. Room dividers are a great solution to our ever-changing climate.


  • What are room dividers?
  • Benefits of room dividers
  • Why choose Draks’ room dividers?
  • What are the costs of room dividers?
  • Draks’ Collection

What are room dividers?

Room dividers separate spaces in any area to create smaller sections of a larger room. The versatility of a room divider is part of the appeal because it can transform any space into another room to maximise your home’s capacity. Draks’ room dividers go beyond their practicality and add a touch of elegance and glamour to any space.

Benefits of room dividers

Organising small spaces/functional

  • Room dividers can efficiently maximise space for privacy or to break up a room entirely. Room dividers are designed to make your home and room more functional which, in turn, will create a more comfortable space. Architects and designers are seeking new solutions for space saving in order to make the most of every inch of the client’s space.


  • Unlike the alternative of building a wall to create the boundary, using room dividers is both more affordable and more changeable. Rather than having to hire a contractor and forego all the procedures that are needed when adding walls to a room, a room divider is a quicker, more cost-effective solution.

Flexible placement

  • The versatility of a room divider is part of the appeal. Adding a wall to your room can often make your space feel small and claustrophobic. A room divider can prevent this as they are not as permanent and, at Draks, the sliding doors can solve this issue entirely.


  • Beyond the practical functions of room dividers, they go further. When done right, room dividers can be a chic, classy addition to any space.

Why choose Draks’ room dividers?

For over 20 years, Draks has sought to create stunning space saving ideas for any space. The room dividers are a perfect illustration of maximising small spaces whist creating chic and stylish solutions. Draks has helped many to adapt their space into more than just a home but an office and school too. Designers and interior architects are looking for more space-saving ideas and Draks can provide exactly that. Draks’ room dividers are the ultimate answer for architects who want to create a new office, bedroom, kitchen or whatever each customer so desires.

Draks’ range is varied and constantly evolving to offer the perfect room divider for any client’s space and taste. Draks’ offers bespoke solutions too to allow all designs to match any interior architect’s design scheme.

The room dividers employ a unique, bottom-weighted sliding system that increases stability regardless of how wide the divider is. Placing a rebated track in the floor means that the top track acts as a guide only, thus allowing installation in tricky places. The bottom track can be surface-mounted and, at only 6mm thick, does not cause an obstruction. The divider, therefore, can be installed in a variety of different rooms and recessed into carpet, laminate, hard floors or even marble and tiling making them an ideal floor to ceiling room divider for any home or office space.

Draks’ collection

Draks has two ranges of room dividers, each unique and classic making it easy to choose the right room divider for the space in question.

  • Aluminium room dividers
    • The Aluminium range offers a contemporary and chic solution to room separation. The Aluminium glass room dividers use a brushed anodised aluminium frame and provide an ideal solution to divide both domestic and commercial internal spaces.
    • This range is durable and practical making it the perfect divider for kitchens, offices, living spaces. Its durability makes a fabulous solution for families with young children.
    • Draks employs the technique of sandblasting, using different glass infills and designs which can totally transform each customer’s space.
    • Equally practical as fixed dividers or moveable partitions
    • Draks can powder-coat the dividers to match your interior design.

Sliding door room divider with 3 doors

  • Canto Room Dividers and Partitions
    • This range is made from solid wood to create a modern yet classic look to your room divider and partitions. They are perfect for designers and architects alike as they can be painted or stained to fit in with every interior design.
    • All finishings are completed on it to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.
    • The partitions have a rebated bottom track which can be set into the floor and thus is the ideal way to separate rooms where pocket doors are required.
    • This range is available in clear or translucent laminated interlayered glass infill to create light and privacy.
    • The finishes available are Grey Oak, Oak, Painted Black, Painted White and Walnut.

Room Dividers for Walk-In Dressing Rooms

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