A guide to wardrobe organisation

This blog post will provide a guide for those looking to create efficient, stylish, and practical methods of wardrobe organisation. It is easy to ignore the clutter and mess that can build up in your wardrobe but, at Draks, the team can offer solutions to keep your clothes and belongings organised whilst creating an elegant and stylish space.


  1. Importance of wardrobe organisation
  2. The Guide
  3. How can Draks cater to your organisational needs
  4. Ideas and inspiration

Importance of wardrobe organisation

In our day-to-day life, it’s challenging to control the stress and clutter around you all the time. The aspects that we can control are, therefore, very important. Getting dressed and organised in the morning should be a fun, enjoyable process as opposed to one of stress and dread. This is all rooted in your wardrobe’s layout and functionality.

Marie Kondo, an organising consultant, and TV personality preaches the importance of keeping your home organised. She stresses that organising your home will in turn change your lifestyle and outlook on life. She says, “tidying and organising our home can make a huge difference to our happiness and productivity” which again illustrates the importance of wardrobe organisation.

Konmari wardrobe organisation

“Tidying and organising our homes can make a huge difference to our happiness and productivity” –Marie Kondo

The Guide

Step 1: De-clutter your wardrobe

In order to begin organising your wardrobe, it is essential to make sure all the items are things you use to prevent wasting space for items or pieces that you never use. So, begin by emptying your wardrobe and deciding what you want to stay and what should go. Be ruthless and make sure everything you keep will be used.

Friends can help when organising your wardrobe

Step 2: Clean the interior

After deciding what will stay and what can go, give the wardrobe a good clean to make sure it’s ready to fill and organise.

Step 3: Assess your storage solutions

After de-cluttering and cleaning out your wardrobe, it’s important to figure out the space and any clever storage solutions that you are working with in order to maximise your space as much as possible. This is where Draks comes in. At Draks, the team creates bespoke storage solutions that are designed to maximise the capacity of any space in order to fit every customer’s space and taste. This will be discussed further later.

Step 4: Organise and fill your wardrobe

The final, and most exciting phase of organising your wardrobe is this. Once all the previous steps have been completed, it is time to re-fill your wardrobe, making sure you’re using your storage solutions as best as you can to maximise every inch of your wardrobe.

How can Draks cater to your wardrobe organisation needs?

Draks’ mission is to provide the ultimate wardrobe organisation solutions to maximise any space. Each solution is designed to keep your home organised and efficient. When looking to arrange your wardrobe Draks’ range of wardrobe interiors is perfect for all organisational needs. Draks’ ranges are cost-effective and versatile to suit any space and cater to each individual’s organisational needs. These intelligent and elegant interior systems can go beyond just wardrobe organisation but can operate throughout the home. Draks has created three ranges to choose from; Classic wardrobe interiors, Oxford wardrobe interiors, and System Duo Modular wardrobe interiors.

Ideas and inspiration

Here I will provide some details into Draks’ variation of range in order to give some inspiration for your wardrobe organisation project.

1. Classic wardrobe interiors

  • This range is exactly as it’s named, classic. The range utilises a simple ‘shelf and rail’ design which means you can create your own custom-fitted wardrobe interior. The Classic range is an affordable solution for all your storage needs.
  • The back wall remains visible with the top shelf supporting the section below it, mounted high enough to accommodate a double row hanging space for clothes.
  • This range is bespoke with a vast selection of fitted storage interiors available and each can be totally customised to suit your wardrobe organisation.
  • Includes six available finishes: Beige Textile, Gret Textile, Grey Vicenza Oak, Lincoln Walnut, Natural Kendal Oak, and Whitewood.

Classic wardrobe organisation

2. Oxford wardrobe interiors

  • This range of fully bespoke wardrobe interiors is a chic solution for storage within any built-in wardrobe.
  • This range is Draks’ most versatile range with a wide range of colours to choose from meaning it can be adapted to suit all wardrobe organisation design styles and tastes.
  • Wardrobe interiors use either 18mm or 25mm carcass material.
  • Wide range of interior finishes from the Egger UK Décor collection which includes Beige Textil, Grey Textile, Grey Vicenza Oak, Lincoln Walnut, and Whitewood.
  • This range provides custom-built drawers, shelves, and hanging space specifically designed for your bespoke wardrobe.
  • A huge variety of accessories is available too including recessed lighting and show shelves through the belt and tie racks.

Oxford wardrobe organisation

3. System Duo Modular wardrobe interiors

  • This range is an adaptable modular shelving solution for a huge range of applications throughout your home.
  • This is a highly versatile range which means this shelving system can function in any room of your home besides just wardrobe interiors. It can be used to create bookshelves, workstations, or kitchen shelving.
  • The modular system permits the use of the entire room height with a complete range of suspended shelving, drawers, clothing rails, and accessories.
  • Moulded silver anodised posts from which modular shelves and hanging rails are secured.
  • Easy floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-back wall fixings with all shelving systems.
  • Modular design is ideal for awkward spaces such as lofts and attics.

System Duo wardrobe

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