Children’s bedroom storage ideas – Use bespoke and fitted furniture to hide the clutter

Designing your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be the difficult and laborious task you might think it is. With the right guidance and design, children’s bedroom storage solutions can be pain-free. At Draks, we seek to maximise any space by creating totally bespoke storage to suit your space and your lifestyle perfectly. Keeping your child’s bedroom or playroom organised can be quite a task. However, children’s bedroom storage ideas by Draks can help make this job stress-free. Whatever it is you’re seeking to organise – clothes, games, or toys – Draks can offer you the best storage solution for your children’s bedroom that can be either decorative or hidden away discreetly. This post will demonstrate just some of the ways Draks can help you organise and hide your child’s clutter.

Children’s wardrobes

Who said children’s bedroom storage ideas can’t be stylish? Draks’ wardrobes are the perfect option when seeking to organise your child’s bits and bobs efficiently and effectively. Fitted walk in wardrobes go beyond their practicality, they add a stylish and elegant feature to any space and with Draks’ expansive range of bespoke wardrobes, there is something for everyone. We have three different ranges to choose from.

  • The Oxford Range is a fully bespoke walk-in wardrobe with interior and exterior solutions including a range of different colours to suit one’s taste in design and style. This range includes fully bespoke shelves, drawers, and hanging so is perfect for organising your child’s clothes, toys, books, or whatever it may be needing a home. The collection comes in a wide range of finishings to suit your home’s style.
  • The Skyline Range is our luxury collection which adds a touch of glamour to your child’s storage. Beyond its chic exterior, this custom walk in wardrobe is highly practical as it maximises the capacity of any room to create the ultimate space for storage.
  • The system Duo Range is highly adaptable so can be tailored to your child’s storage needs. This modular walk in wardrobe allows you to create a furniture layout which suits a wide variety of different applications. It can be designed to be tailored toward any design – traditional or contemporary. The System Duo collection is unique due to its modular shelving system that offers an adaptable storage solution for a wide range of uses throughout the home.

Children's bedroom storage ideas

This is a great example of how Draks’ wardrobes and aluminium doors can create the perfect storage solutions for all your child’s organisational needs whilst looking elegant and classy.

Room dividers for your children’s bedroom

When it comes to organising your child’s things, room dividers personify the phrase ‘out of sight out of mind!’ Sometimes parenthood can be stressful and hectic and thus creating a space that can be easily hidden when you don’t have that time to tidy away can be a great blessing.

Draks has a wide range of ways to divide your children’s bedroom that are completely bespoke so can be easily tailored to fit and suit your space. Dividers can be particularly helpful when trying to organise a small space in order to make it functional yet also classy and tasteful.

It is also an affordable solution as, unlike the alternative, you don’t need to create a whole new room. It is entirely flexible and its versatility is part of its appeal. Adding a wall to your room can often make your space feel small and claustrophobic. Dividers can prevent this as they are not as permanent and, paired with Draks’ sliding wardrobe doors, are the perfect answer.

  • The Aluminium Room Dividers are simple yet elegant and can suit many different styles. These floor to ceiling room dividers are practical and durable so ideal if you have kids running about around the home. Further, the sandblasting technique creates different infills and designs so can totally transform the look of your room.
  • The Canto Room Dividers and Partitions in solid wood with oriental styling are available in a painted or stained finish to complement any interior design. The durability of these room partitions makes them perfect for big families with young children and are the ideal method of separating rooms without taking up any space.

Children's bedroom room dividers

Bespoke shelving and children’s bedroom storage

When it comes to children’s bedroom storage ideas for organising all of their bits and bobs, it’s key to have functional and sturdy storage. Draks seeks to optimise every nook and cranny in your home in order to maximise your storage to find space for all child’s organisational needs. Draks can create beautifully designed, totally bespoke shelving and storage to suit each family’s needs. They also have a wide range of different wardrobe interiors so there is something for everyone.

  • The Classic Wardrobe Interiors use a simple ‘shelf and rail’ design which is classic and practical so ideal for children’s bedroom storage. Draks can customise your fitted wardrobe interior needs in-house and ensure that every inch of space is used to optimise the room in question.
  • The Oxford Wardrobe Interiors are, again, fully bespoke and come with a wide range of accessories, from recessed lighting and show shelves through to belt and tie racks, so are the perfect combination of practical and chic bespoke built in wardrobe interiors.
  • The System Duo Modular Wardrobe Interiors are very versatile so can be used to create bookshelves, workstations, or anything your child may need to store all their things.

Children's bedroom storage

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