How to store winter clothes to transition your wardrobe into summer and the storage solutions that can accommodate the change

As the nights get longer, the Pimm’s starts flowing and the sun starts shining, it’s time to store your winter clothes to make room for summer in your wardrobe. it’s time to put away those chunky hats and scarves and whip out the colourful dresses and summery shirts! This post will provide you with some top tips into how to store your winter clothes to fit all your summer storage needs. it will illuminate how Draks can help you fulfill all your storage needs. Spending a little more time on your summer storage can help maximise your space, saving money on buying clothes you forgot you had, and keeping organised throughout the warmer months.

1. Get organised!

  • Before you start to store winter clothes for your summer transition, it is crucial to exercise good wardrobe organisation and clear out the bits you no longer need or wear. There are several steps to follow in order to do this efficiently.
    • Keep or toss: In order to achieve the ultimate summer clear out, it’s important to go through your wardrobe, both your summer and winter bits, and decide whether to keep or toss to prevent unnecessary clutter and build up in your wardrobe. Be ruthless; did you wear that jumper this winter? If not, give it to somebody who will! You can find out more about how to do this in our spring cleaning tips blog.
    • After you’ve decided what’s staying or going, organise your things and categorise them into seasons. pick what clothes you’ll be needing for summer and get ready to store your hats and scarves away ready for winter.

2. Before you store winter clothes, wash, wash, wash!

  • Now for the cleaning! Once you have organised what is going where it’s a good idea to give everything a nice clean. In the future, you will be very happy to come back to fresh clean clothes when winter comes around and will reduce the summer blues when the wardrobe switcheroo comes back around.

3. Time to store winter clothes:

  • Good, practical, clever storage solutions are key for maintaining the ultimate wardrobe so investing in sturdy and long-lasting storage is vital.
  • Make sure your storage is sturdy and sealed to prevent any unwanted visitors from getting in once you store your winter clothes, and a top tip is to pop some air freshener in with your clothes for that extra bit of freshness.
  • This can be done so many ways regardless of your space and budget:
    • Storage containers:
      • If you’re wanting to get extra organised, then invest in boxes or material packing cubes to put your clothes in to prevent things getting muddled and lost.
    • Hidden storage:
      • This is ideal for putting away your winter clothes that you won’t need for the upcoming months.
      • Under the bed storage could be a great method of doing this as it’s hidden out of the way and takes up no extra space so perfect for those working with a smaller space.
      • You can find sofas or chairs that contain hidden storage which again means you’re maximising your space without causing extra clutter. See our piece on space saving ideas for more inspiration.
Underbed storage for winter clothes Mannequin for winter clothes
    • Exposed storage:
      • Storage doesn’t always need to be hidden. You may want to show off your favourite summer dress or your fanciest pair of sandals. If that’s the case, you can invest in pieces to put these items on display and make them a part of your room’s décor.
      • Exposed clothing racks are a good example of this; as are artsy mannequins or shoe racks.
exposed storage for winter clothes Over door storage for winter clothes

4. Maximise your space:

  • If you’re not blessed with buckets of space in your home, it is key to choose storage solutions that will maximise yours as much as you can.
  • This can be done by using nifty tools such as over-the-door storage for your shoes, racks to hand up your belts or ties, or drawer storage which will maximise their capacity whilst keeping you organised.

5. How can Draks accommodate your winter to summer shift?:

  • At Draks, we pride ourselves on creating ultimate storage solutions that can suit anyone’s space and taste whilst maximising any space, big or small. Draks provides long-term solutions that work all year round and are totally bespoke. Draks has a vast collection of wardrobes that can help you with your seasonal transition.
    • Walk-in Wardrobes:
      • Draks’ wide array of walk-in wardrobes are the perfect storage solution for your summer clothes. The expansive collection means that there is something for everyone.
      • The Oxford Range comprises a bespoke walk in wardrobe with shelves, drawers, and hanging space to add a touch of elegance and class, making your transition from summer to winter a walk in the park!
      • The Skyline Range will make the most of your room whilst adding a chic touch to your home. These custom walk-in wardrobes will maximise your space by using floor-to-ceiling storage which means there’s a home for everything.
      • The System Duo Range is completely versatile which means it can create any form of storage, So if it’s your swimming hats or woolly gloves that need a home, this modular walk in range can help!
Oxford Walk-In Dressing Room Luxury dressing room by Draks
    • Wardrobe Interiors:
      • Draks’ wardrobe interiors will make your shift into summer a breeze.
      • It allows you to store the things you need every day with ease and those bits you don’t efficiently, keeping them out of the way yet still organised.
      • The Classic Wardrobe Interiors are a simple, cost-effective solution for your existing space. It also comes in a wide range of finishes in order to fit any interior and taste.
      • The Oxford Wardrobe Interiors are classy and practical and again are designed to maximise your space making your wardrobe’s transition into the summer months simple and stress-free. These bespoke wardrobe interiors comprise custom-built drawers, shelves, and hanging space to cater towards anyone’s needs and its wide range of accessories such as shoe shelves and belt and tie racks will keep your space organised and accessible.
      • The System Duo Modular Wardrobe Interiors offer an adaptable modular wardrobe shelving solution for a wide range of application throughout your home. It provides a complete range of suspended shelving, drawers, clothing rails, and accessories which means storing your summer clothes and accessories can be done with ease and class.
Classic customised wardrobe interior Modular wardrobe shelving system
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