Create Your Own Fitted Home Office To Hang Your Hat and Store Your Office Supplies

Homeworkers can save a company an average of £6,000 a year each, are 20% more productive and take fewer sick days*.

Working from home, for all or some of the time, is on the rise. This trend is partly due to the advances in technology and communication, the high cost of office space and redundancies which have resulted in the proliferation of small, home-based enterprises.

If you do work from home, creating a fitted home office area  to work from will help raise productivity and provide you with a quiet environment to focus on your daily tasks without disruption. Maximise your space by investing in Draks’ beautiful room dividers. In addition, innovative wardrobe doors can hide all the essential files, paperwork and stationery and other office paraphernalia. What’s more is that everything is designed around your needs; the design will reflect your own personal tastes and style.

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