How Much do Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Cost in 2021?

This blog guides you through the world of sliding wardrobes and how much they cost in 2021. It explains the different types of sliding wardrobe designs you can choose from and the benefits of each one.

From the style and shape right through to the array of finishes, colours and costs. Read on to find out more about how they can improve and enhance your living space. This blog explores fitted sliding wardrobes as opposed to free-standing modular wardrobes.

What are sliding wardrobes?

They operate on a sliding wardrobe door track system which allows the doors to move in different directions for easy access to the storage behind; without using precious space in the room.

In the last few years, the technology for sliding doors has advanced dramatically and the range of sliding wardrobe door designs has also, in turn, improved.

How much do mirrored sliding wardrobes for the bedroom cost

The price of sliderobes for the bedroom

Most sliding door designs use painted glass or mirrored infills, and there is a wide range of colour options available today so that all interior décor schemes can be accommodated. Whether it’s a two-, three-, or four-door design, the interior storage requirements and space behind your sliding doors will determine the number of doors you need.

As a guide, sliding wardrobe doors are normally between 500mm and 1200mm wide. Looking at the picture above, where the storage has been divided into three sections, three sliding doors are perfect. Fitted interior storage is generally made up of shelving, drawers, long-hanging, double-hanging or ¾ hanging. The interior storage layout links directly to the number of sliding wardrobe doors you need.

Sliding wardrobes vary widely in style and design and the choice of door has a big impact on cost. Generally, sliding wardrobe doors are made from steel, aluminium or wood. Steel doors have a painted finish applied to the steel and come in a wide range of colours from plain painted finishes to woodgrain effects. This is the most traditional style of sliding door. It is accompanied by a matching track system. Aluminium sliding doors, which feature an anodised finish, are a very popular option and generally recognised as having a superior sliding action.

Other frame colours are now available due to the range of powder-coated finishes which have been developed.

Cost of sliding wardrobes

The other range of sliding doors are factory-sprayed and made using a hardwood timber frame. Draks’ made to measure sliding wardrobes, in the Aspen range, are made using sustainable timber and are available in both painted and stained finishes.

How Much Do Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Cost?

The cost of sliding wardrobe doors is determined by range, opening size and the interior format. Sliding wardrobes can be purchased as a standalone item, so you can choose to buy your own interiors, or as a complete package.

Sliding wardrobes can be bought through a number of online retailers and some may offer a design, supply and installation service. On the other hand, you may feel confident in supplying your own measurements and fitting them yourself.

A very simple price guide is shown below. The pricing guide applies to the cost of the sliding doors with tracks and linings included. The cost of the wardrobe can range widely according to the level of interior fit-out that you would like. For example, customised drawers and shelf lighting can make a big difference. This guide allows for an internal shelf, set of shelves and long- and double-hanging.

Width 1200mm 2000mm 3000mm
Aluminium sliding doors £750 £900 £1500
Canto sliding doors £950 £1255 £1950
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