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Mar 2022



A recent study by Zoopla discovered that, here in the UK, nearly 9 million bedrooms have been transformed into different spaces since March 2020.

“More than four in ten British homeowners transformed their spare bedrooms into offices, gyms, cinemas and more throughout the pandemic.” *

As our homes have had to become more multi-functional now, the key is to utilise your space in the best way possible. Room dividers, such as the beautiful Canto product from Draks, are increasingly popular now. They, simply, can segregate spaces needed for home life, worklife and hobby life.

Instead of completely getting rid of a spare bedroom, why not replace the double bed with a stylish futon, and add a functional desk and smart built-in storage? There you have a WFH office still accommodating overnight guests.

Along with high-quality wardrobes and room dividers, Draks offers a range of bespoke systems that can be designed and built to suit your space and use. Anything from office storage to a quirky understairs structure!

Draks is well known as the expert in creating beautiful, clever storage for the home. Loved equally by savvy homeowners and prestigious developers, the creations can be seen in wardrobes, room dividers, sliding doors and walk-in wardrobes.


*Source:  Changing Rooms! Nearly 9 million bedrooms lost in the UK – Zoopla


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