Benefits of Built In Wardrobes – 7 Reasons to Install Yours

Have you ever found yourself short of space in your bedroom? That shopping spree seemed like such a good idea at the time but now your old freestanding wardrobe is bursting at the seams?

Open your mind to the world of bespoke built-in wardrobes and you will soon realise there are plenty of reasons to go down this route. This blog will look at the key benefits of built-in wardrobes and explain how they do far more than provide storage space, – they also allow better organisation and offer unique custom designs. Built-in wardrobes create the clutter-free home we all dream of – and they are surprisingly easy to clean. In addition to their durability, fitted sliding wardrobes also add long-term value to your home, making them a wise investment as well as an attractive prospect right now. At a time in which we are spending more time at home than ever, it’s seriously worth considering the advantages of giving your living space a new lease of life.

1).Storage space.

Whether you’re in a bijoux new-build or a high-ceilinged Victorian semi, the chances are you and your family could use a lot more storage space.  A built-in wardrobe offers a versatile solution that has the added advantage of liberating other storage units around the house. A walk-in wardrobe offers even more capacity and you can tidy all of your clothing as well as many other items behind a single set of doors.  Working with your space and your lifestyle a fitted wardrobe will bring immediate benefits – not least the option to create a remote office workstation in the space that you have freed up.

2). Organisation.

Without the right storage solutions, your living space can become chaotic. You find yourself parcelling clothes and shoes out around the house: your out-of-season clothes gathering dust in the loft, and your dress shirts crumpled in a drawer. Built in wardrobes allow your entire clothing ensemble to be in one place. Underwear, outerwear, sports kit: everything from your ski jacket and running shoes to your silk ties and kitten heels has a home. Not only is everything neatly stored, but with a walk in wardrobe, it is also easy to find. A wide range of interior wardrobe storage solutions from hanging rails and shelves to fully carcassed and floating systems allows each item of clothing to be stored as suits it best, meaning your most loved items are easily in reach.

3). Custom design.

No matter the size or shape of your bedroom, a built in wardrobe or fitted walk in wardrobe  is guaranteed to suit your living space. The versatility of fitted walk in or sliding wardrobes means that they can be tailored to any unusual corner, making the most out of previously unused space. The wide range of designs available also allows you to hand pick the perfect match for your bedroom, harmonising colour schemes, choosing your finishes and retaining the character of your space whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional feel. Features such as full-length mirrors and ambient lighting can transform your walk in wardrobe into the private, personalised dressing room that you have always wanted.

4). Clutter-free living.

A built in wardrobe frees up your living space, getting rid of clutter and creating an atmosphere of peace, simplicity, and sophistication. Instead of piling your coats onto the singular hook on the back of your door, they can be neatly hung in your walk-in wardrobe. If you are looking to refresh a smaller bedroom, a mirrored wardrobe door can immediately open up your living space, making it feel lighter and more spacious. Unlike hinged opening doors, sliding wardrobe doors allow your wardrobe to take up less space, providing room for an extra armchair or a freestanding lamp.

5). Easy to clean.

Built in wardrobes span from the floor to the ceiling, not only maximising storage space, but also cutting your cleaning time in half. Instead of climbing up to get rid of layers of dust and cobwebs on top of your wardrobe, sliding wardrobe doors simply need wiping down every once in a while, and your walk-in wardrobe’s interior a run-around with the hoover. If you are looking for a low maintenance, cost effective investment, fitted walk-in wardrobes tick every box.

6). Adding value to your home.

Installing a built-in wardrobe will not only improve your living space in the short term but will also provide long term rewards. Having an in-built storage solution such as a fitted sliding wardrobe that is stylish and sleek instantly boosts the value of your home. If you are looking to sell, it is an attractive feature that will give you the edge in the property market when it comes to prospective buyers. A fitted wardrobe can be more than just a luxury, if done correctly, the value it can add to your home can more than make up for the cost of installation. Furthermore, as it allows homeowners to tidy their belongings into a neat and hidden space, potential buyers looking round the house can readily imagine themselves into the living space.

7). Durability.

It is worth choosing a trusted company to install your bespoke fitted sliding wardrobes which prioritises excellence and listens to your needs. This can guarantee that your finished wardobe will be money well spent. High quality materials and workmanship means that your wardrobe will last longer, becoming a long-term, must-have investment. Unique features such as a bottom-weighted track system ensure greater stability and durability, and high-end finishes on the sliding doors of your walk-in wardrobe that complement your décor won’t date in the way that a freestanding wardrobe will.

Visit our website to learn more about what Draks can do to optimise your living space, with our bespoke fitted walk in wardrobes. You’ll find a downloadable PDF brochure showcasing an exciting and vibrant range of designs for fitted sliding wardrobes, which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect solution for your bedroom.

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